PARTY – Social Meditation – Museum of Unknown – Shanghai

PARTY – Social Meditation – Museum of Unknown – Shanghai
10 maggio 2012 – ore 18,00

Aike – Dellarco is pleased to invite you to "PARTY – Social Meditation", a new project by "Museum of Unknown".

Is "Social Meditation" a metaphor or a utopian dream? If it is merely a fixed concept, nothing new could be born from this idea. Moreover the dialog it would engender would just be a stale trap for anyone who wanted to contribute something new to this notion.

"Social Meditation" instead is meant as an invitation for a spiritual practice. We wish to see how it will develop, and whether it can involve the outside world, and thus function in the social sphere. — Qiu Anxiong

"Museum of Unknown" collective was suggested by Qiu Anxiong and co-founded with Liao Fei, Zheng Huan, Wu Ding and Li Xiaohua in 2007. The birth of “Museum of Unknown” stems from the desire to reflect upon the system of museums, confronting the concept of uncertainty. "Museum of Unknown"’s recent exhibitions include "As We Talk About Art, What Are We Talking About?" ( Bizart Art, Shanghai 2010 ), "Pattern-Vortex-Encounter" ( Times Museum, Guangzhou, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing 2011, etc.).

"Museum of Unknown" was selected by writers as "Best of 2011" in the VOL. 50 ( December ) issue of ARTFORUM.

Museum of Unknown: PARTY – Social Meditation

Participants: Qiu Anxiong?Wu Ding?Yin Yi?Liao Fei?Liao Xiaoling?Xu Zhe
Opening: 2012 May 10th 18:00
Time: 2012 May 10th – 16th
Venue: AIKE-DELLARCO, 2/F, No. 1 Building, 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 52527164

The event is supported by Da Marco Catering tel. 021 33506610
+86 021 52527164
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