Rendering – AIKE-DELLARCO – Shanghai

Rendering – AIKE-DELLARCO – Shanghai
dal 19 ottobre al 20 novembre 2013

AIKE-DELLARCO is pleased to announce the new group exhibition, opening October 19th and on view until November 20th

The exhibition will showcase easel paintings by Tang Dixin, Zhou Siwei, Chow Chunfai and Toshiyuki Konishi. These four artists present each own attitude and style, thus each own way to render the outside world.

Tang Dixin, born in 1982 in Hangzhou, works and lives in Shanghai. A selection of group shows include the "ON|OFF CHINA’S YOUNG ARTISTS IN CONCEPT AND PRACTICE", Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing 2013) ; "Conscious Folly", AM Art Space (Shanghai 2012), "Yun Lang Project", AIKE-DELLARCO (Shanghai 2011) .

Zhou Siwei, born in 1981 in Chongqing, works and lives in Beijing. A selection of group shows include the “MEMO I”, White space(Beijing, 2013); “Painting Lesson III: Elementary And Extreme Structure”, Gallery Yang(Beijing, 2013); “China – Chongqing 2”, Kunstler in Dusseldorf, Artist exchange program(Germany, 2012).

Chow Chunfai, born in 1980 in Hong Kong, works and lives in Hong Kong. Solo exhibitions include the “Chow Chu Fai: I have something to say”, Hanart TZ Gallery (Hong Kong, 2013); “Fungshui Sculpture and Installation”, (Hong Kong, 2013); “Special Feature: CHOW Chun Fai’s Painting on Movie”, (Hong Kong, 2012)

Toshiyuki Konishi, born in Hiroshima, works and live in Hiroshima, Japan. Solo exhibitions include the “Crazy for Painting, aM project 2012 vol.5”, gallery aM (Tokyo, 2013); “One As All”, ARATANIURANO(Tokyo, 2009);Group exhibitions include the ”TAKAHASHI COLLECTION-Mindfulness!”, KIRISHIMA OPEN AIR-MUSEUM(Kagoshima, 2013); “Drawings”, ARATANIURANO, (Tokyo, 2012).


Artist: Tang Dixin, Zhou Siwei, Chow Chun Fai, Toshiyuki Konishi
Venue: AIKE-DELLARCO bldg 0 | Room 102, Bldg 0, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai
Exhibition dates: October 19 – November 20, 2013
Tel: +86 21 52527164

Opening: 5-8pm, October 19 (Saturday) , 2013
AIKE-DELLARCO bldg 0 | Room 102, Bldg 0, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai